Native Plants of the Sydney Region

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Paperback - September 2010 - AU $59.99

A completely revised and updated edition of this classic handbook of the native plants found from Newcastle to Nowra.

In a handy portable format, Native Plants of the Sydney Region is the ideal companion for anyone who wants to put names to the plants they see in the bush. + Full description

Covering an area from Newcastle to Nowra, and westwards to the Great Dividing Range, Native Plants of the Sydney Region contains plant species from remote areas as well as those common in remnant suburban bushland. Many of the species described are also found along the whole of Australia's east coast and west to the slopes and plains.

This book is based on the authors' earlier editions of Native Plants of the Sydney District, which became the standard reference for bushwalkers, gardeners, bush care workers, environmentalists, botanists, landscape architects and students. It has been completely rewritten with descriptions of nearly 1400 plant species, some only recently discovered, as well as many new colour photographs and revised names in an up-to-date taxonomy.

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Paperback | September 2010 | $ 59.99
ISBN: 9781741755718 | 640 pages
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Colour illustrations


The Sydney Environment
Major Vegetation Types
Fork Ferns
Club Mosses
Pines (Conifers)
Flowering Plants
Leaf and Flower Shapes
Further Reading


Alan Fairley has published more than 30 nature books, including walking guides and field guides, and has lectured at TAFE colleges on native plant identification.

Philip Moore is a retired nuclear scientist with a passion for native flora. He is the author of A Guide to Plants of Inland Australia.