Australian Wheat Varieties Supplement No.1

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This supplement to Australian Wheat Varieties Second Edition assists in identification of 16 additional wheats and eight Australian triticales.

With the continuing improvement of wheat, there is a need to provide assistance in the identification of newly registered wheat varieties. Sixteen such wheats are described in this Supplement according to the characters explained in 'Australian wheat varieties: identification according to plant, head and grain characteristics', Second Edition, by R. W. Fitzsimmons, R. H. Martin and C. W. Wrigley (CSIRO: Melbourne, 1983). + Full description

In addition, descriptions of eight Australian triticales are provided in this Supplement as an appendix, in view of the increasing popularity of this close relative of wheat.

- Short description


No longer available in a print edition.


ePDF | June 1985
ISBN: 9780643105461
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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