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An accessible and vivid introduction to these fascinating and often misrepresented animals.

Since people have been going to the sea, they have been in awe of sharks. Their formidable jaws and teeth seem to invoke in us an irrational fear that turns any shark attack into front-page news worldwide. Yet their powerful, streamlined bodies are also an inspiration to ship and submarine designers and their immune system may hold the key to fighting human diseases. + Full description

Michael Bright’s exploration of the latest findings from research groups worldwide reveals sharks to be much more than just mindless, killing machines. It shows how they are the product of over 450 million years of evolution, honed to perfection as some of the sea’s most sophisticated predators. Spectacular photographs help turn a creature that scared us into one that inspires.

Stunningly illustrated throughout, Sharks is an accessible and vivid introduction to these fascinating and often misrepresented animals.

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"... this definitive book features spectacular photographs and illustrations of the ancient, awe-inspiring creatures, alongside accessible information and an introduction to their biology and behaviour. "
4 X 4 Australia Magazine, April 2012


Paperback | October 2011 | $ 29.95
ISBN: 9780565092894 | 128 pages | 253 x 192 mm
Publisher: The Natural History Museum, London
Colour illustrations


  • Comprehensive introduction to sharks and their biology and behaviour
  • Revised and reformatted edition with the latest research, new images and up-to-date text
  • Illustrated with over 100 of the best shark images from around the world


Shark Biology and Behaviour
The World Before Jaws
The Great White and Relatives
Requiem Sharks and Hammerheads
Cats, Dogs and a Gentle Giant
Sharks and People
Further Information


Michael Bright recently retired as executive producer with the BBC Natural History Unit, based in Bristol, and is now a freelance author and scriptwriter. He has been a producer in many parts of the BBC, including departments responsible for science, arts, general documentaries, current affairs and natural history programmes, both on radio and television, and was a recipient of the prestigious Prix Italia for the programme Men, Nations and Whales: will the bloody story ever end? He is a graduate of the University of London and author of over 90 books on natural history, natural sciences, conservation and the environment. Sharks have been of special interest, and he has produced numerous publications on the subject. Michael lives in Bristol, UK.