Bridging the Gap - Australian and New Zealand Animal Production Research

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Provides a snapshot of the current scientific thinking about Australia and New Zealand animal production.

This special issue of Animal Production Science contains the Proceedings of the second Joint Conference of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production and the Australian Society of Animal Production held in Lincoln (NZ), July 2012. The conference brings together wide-ranging expertise on all aspects of animal production with an emphasis on: dairy science, pasture & forage quality, reproductive performance, fibre production, animal diseases & welfare, and adoption of new technologies by industry. + Full description

The overall theme is 'Bridging the Gap – Australian and New Zealand Animal Production Research', with a strong focus on the application of new technologies. Invited speakers were challenged to review new and emerging topics in the animal sciences and to foster interaction between more fundamental scientists with those scientists and farmers wishing to apply the knowledge. The shorter research articles explored both the science and practical implications of successful research and/or key issues facing the animal industries of Australia and New Zealand.

This Special Issue provides a snapshot of the scientific thinking about Australia and New Zealand animal production at the current time. Substantial advances in knowledge have occurred in the last decade, and in turn, the knowledge will no doubt advance further in the coming decade and beyond.

This journal special issue will be of particular interest to research scientists, resource managers, agribusiness advisors, as well as farmers, and is essential reading for anyone interested in natural resource management.

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Paperback | July 2012 | $125.00
ISBN: AN52/06/07 | 297 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing