Let's Propagate!

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Paperback - February 2012 - AU $35.00

An indispensable guide to propagation for the home gardener and the nursery professional, from first principles to the latest techniques.

If you're a gardener who buys everything from the standard and limited nursery range, then you are missing out on one of the most satisfying of all human endeavours - propagating your own plants. Let's Propagate is for anyone interested in hands-on propagation in Australia, either professionally or in the home garden. + Full description

The book is a marvellous gardening companion for suburban gardeners who crave a creative element amidst the weeding, mowing and pruning; gardeners who are frustrated after trying to adapt imported and inappropriate information to local conditions; gardeners in search of Australian varietals; recreational gardeners and professional propagators alike who wish to be abreast of new techniques and research to stimulate germination in many difficult-to-propagate Australian plants; those who wish to expand the range of plants currently available to them; and anyone who wishes to experience the joy of fostering and nurturing new life.

Gardening media personality and avid propagator, Angus Stewart, takes us from the first principles to the latest sophisticated techniques. His infectious passion for his subject will make you yearn to get out there to create landscapes and gardens, grow trees, or perhaps help revive endangered species.

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Paperback | February 2012 | $ 35.00
ISBN: 9781742375816 | 288 pages
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Colour illustrations


Angus Stewart is ABC TV's Gardening Australia's' NSW-based presenter. He is a regular contributor to Gardening Australia magazine. He is also a regular on Simon Marnie's Saturday morning radio gardening talkback segment. He is Australia's leading authority on the propagation of Australian plants and new Australian cultivars.