Rhetoric and Reality of e-Health

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This special issue provides readers with 13 papers looking at e-health.

This Special Issue provides readers with 13 papers looking at e-health. e-health is defined as the use of information and communication technologies for health, and covers three key areas of Internet-enabled service delivery, electronic information sharing and online health information sources. The goal of the Special Issue is to provide a variety of perspectives on current developments in e-health in Australia, as well as to highlight the rhetoric of what e-health is expected to achieve against the realities being experienced in planning, implementation and consumer engagement. The papers address a variety of health areas including maternity care, dentistry, general practice, mental health, cancer care, chronic disease, nursing and community health, and alert readers to some new ways in which e-health is occurring in Australia. + Full description

The aim of this collection of papers is to stimulate debate, encourage both new and improved uses of prioritisation and evaluation approaches, and to contribute to enhanced e-health development.

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Paperback | December 2013 | $ 75.00
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