Perennial Grasses in Pasture Production Systems

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Brings together research findings which address key themes discussed at 'Perennial Grasses in Pasture Production Systems

The ‘Perennial Grasses in Pasture Production Systems’ symposium held in May 2013 was organised by the Australian Grasslands Association (AGA). The symposium brought together participants from across Australia, as well as overseas delegates, to review past and current research and to discuss future directions for research into perennial grasses in Australia. Participants included researchers, producers, consultants, rural research and development corporation representatives and commercial suppliers. + Full description

The AGA developed a number of theme areas and invited papers from the broader scientific community as well as directly commissioning presentations from researchers working in key areas. The theme areas included:

  • Historical review
  • Pasture persistence
  • Developments and innovations in perennial grass agronomy, management and breeding
  • Opportunities and roles for perennial grasses in a changing climate
  • Quality and feed value in animal production systems
  • Predicting the next quantum leap in perennial grasses

The Special Edition of Crop & Pasture Science brings together research findings which address these key themes and discusses the main factors that affect perennial grass production in Australia.

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Paperback | August 2014 | $ 75.00
ISBN: CP65/08
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing