Green Home Building

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Paperback - January 2015 - AU $42.99

A must-read for builders, architects, designers and homeowners, this book explodes the myth that green homes have to cost more.

According to conventional wisdom, building a green home is an expensive endeavor. The standard approach treats green as an add-on, tacking "premium" products, finishes and equipment onto a traditional home design. As a result, many green home projects end up over budget or fail to achieve their environmental and performance goals. + Full description

Green Home Building explodes the myth that green homes have to cost more. Using proven methods based on applied building science, the authors show how to:
- Lower base construction costs to provide funding for high performance upgrades
- Achieve a net zero energy home, including "zero-ing" water, waste, carbon and associated costs within fifteen years
- Live affordably into the future, despite anticipated rising costs for fuel, water, materials, taxes and health care.

This comprehensive guide to building green on any budget defines the strategies that maximise the return on green investments. Written for anyone who has ever been swayed by the argument that the price tag limits how green a home can be, Green Home Building is a must-read for builders, contractors, architects, designers and homeowners.

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Paperback | January 2015 | $ 42.99
ISBN: 9780865717794 | 432 pages | 228 x 153 mm
Publisher: New Society Publishers, USA