Creatures of the Night

Paperback - June 2015 - AU $35.00

A window into the lives of little-known and studied creatures.

The secret world of nocturnal wildlife is seldom observed, even by the keenest of nature enthusiasts. + Full description

This unique book offers a window into the lives of little-known and studied creatures and their remarkable behaviour and adaptations in order to optimise their ability to go about their business in the hours of darkness.

Nocturnal creatures from around the world are covered by the series of stunning images, and these include flying squirrels, sugar gliders,skunks, foxes, cats (including Ocelot and Jaguar),raccoons, owls, bush babies, genets, bats, frogs,toads, salamanders, snakes, geckos, spiders and a variety of insects.

Extended captions explain interesting facts about the creatures and behaviours shown, and also give advice on photography.

- Short description


Paperback | June 2015 | $ 35.00
ISBN: 9781921517365 | 128 pages | 220 x 220 mm
Publisher: New Holland