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An easy-to-use identification guide to the majority of plant species encountered in woodlands of the Southern Tablelands of NSW and the ACT.

Woodland Flora covers 444 plant species found in woodlands in the Southern Tablelands of NSW and the ACT. It provides an easy-to-use identification guide to the majority of plant species encountered in woodlands in this area including those species that occur in other habitats and in other regions and interstate. Written in plain English, Woodland Flora has been produced with the highest professional integrity, with all descriptions having been check against herbarium specimens and the authors' own extensive knowledge of the Southern Tablelands. + Full description

The species include native trees, shrubs, climbers and herbaceous species (including grasses, forbs, sedges, rushes and orchids), in addition to invasive introduced species, identified by their common names and scientific names (including former names). Every page has descriptions of the features of each species, together with one or more photos to help identify them. The descriptions include the species form (habit), leaves, flowers, fruit, habitat, status (abundance and distribution) and in some cases, other information that is of interest or about their management.

Woodland Flora is of value to high school and university botany and ecology students, conservation volunteers, conservation rangers and field staff, field naturalists and the general public. The field guide has been produced and is distributed by Friends of Grasslands, a voluntary community group committed to the conservation of natural temperate grassy ecosystems (grasslands and grassy woodlands) in south-eastern Australia

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Paperback | December 2015 | $ 25.00
ISBN: 9780994495808 | 286 pages | 210 x 150 mm
Publisher: Friends of Grasslands Inc


Sarah Sharp is an ecologist in private practice, specialising in conservation management of grassy ecosystems. Previously she worked with the ACT Government as an ecologist with responsibilities in the conservation (protection and management) of lowland grassy ecosystems. She provides assessment and advice on managing grassland communities, for government and private organisations and private landholders. Sarah is President of Friends of Grasslands and was involved in the establishment of Friends of Grasslands 20 years ago.