All About Garden Wildlife of Australia

Green title text with a large photograph above of a Lumholtz's Tree-kangar

Paperback - October 2015 - AU $29.99

A guide to identifying garden wildlife and how to encourage more animals to call your backyard home.

Our backyards form an important habitat for wildlife, providing food, shelter and a place to live and breed for countless species of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians. This useful guide has many identification spreads on key species and families of wildlife likely to be encountered. It also looks at ways of improving and enhancing your garden so that it can offer the most opportunities for wildlife and therefore the greatest amount of enjoyment to its owners. All in all it is an essential read for anyone hoping to create a haven for nature on their doorstep.


Paperback | October 2015 | $ 29.99
ISBN: 9781921517518 | 176 pages | 210 x 150 mm
Publisher: New Holland


Garry Sankowsky has been studying and photographing Australian plants and animals for many decades. He is particularly passionate about butterflies and, together with his wife, started the first butterfly farm in Australia at Mt Tamborine, Queensland, in the early 1970s. He lives in Tolga, Queensland.