Double Helix Issue 09

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Magazine - July 2016 - AU $8.00

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CSIRO's 100 years of discovery, what it takes to become a scientist, and drones, droids and robots.

Packed with fun, exciting and quality articles, Double Helix promotes critical thinking and strengthens literacy skills while sparking an interest in science, technology, engineering and maths. + Full description

This issue celebrates CSIRO's 100 years of discovery. Find out how robots and drones are helping scientists understand the environment around us. Plus there’s plenty of hands-on science! Build a mini robot, make delicious sherbet and engineer a straw propeller. Find out what it takes to become a scientist, mathematician or engineer with top tips from experts, including Dr Karl and Adam Spencer.

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Published in July 2016, this issue of the magazine is no longer in print.


Magazine | July 2016 | $ 8.00
ISBN: DH02/09 | 40 pages | 297 x 210 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations, Colour photographs