The Urban Farmer

Various small-scale crops in urban environments.

Paperback - February 2016 - AU $39.99

A hands-on guide to making a living from growing crops in your own backyard (or someone else's!)

Growing food in the city means that fresh crops may travel only a few blocks from field to table, making this innovative approach the next logical step in the local food movement. Based on a scaleable, easily reproduced business model, The Urban Farmer is your complete guide to minimising risk and maximising profit by using intensive production in small leased or borrowed spaces.

The Urban Farmer is a comprehensive, hands-on, practical manual to help you learn the techniques and business strategies you need to make a good living growing high-yield, high-value crops right in your own backyard (or someone else's).


Paperback | February 2016 | $ 39.99
ISBN: 9780865718012 | 288 pages | 229 x 185 mm
Publisher: New Society Publishers, USA


Curtis Allen Stone is the owner/operator of Green City Acres, a commercial urban farm based in Kelowna, BC. Farming less than half an acre on a collection of urban plots, Green City Acres grows vegetables for farmers markets, restaurants and retail outlets. After five successful seasons, Curtis has demonstrated that one can grow an extraordinary amount of food in a backyard, and make a good living doing it. During his slower months, Curtis works as a public speaker, teacher, and consultant, sharing his story to inspire a new generation of farmers.