8th International Deer Biology Congress

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This special issue contains papers from the 8th International Deer Biology Congress (IDBC) and the First International and Second National Symposium on Antler Science and Technology.

This special issue of Animal Production Science contains papers from the plenary and other presentations to the 8th International Deer Biology Congress (IDBC), held in Harbin, China on 27–29 July 2014, and at the First International and Second National Symposium on Antler Science and Technology held in Dalian, China on 23–25 July 2014. + Full description

The IDBC are a series of generally quadrennial congresses that cover the biology, management, and conservation of wild deer and farmed deer production, and provide a forum to present new research, discuss common problems, and share knowledge and experiences. The Dalian symposium was the first of a new series of international conferences on antler science. This Special Issue continues the publication of IDBC proceedings in Animal Production Science, which began after the 7th Congress in 2010.

The 8th IDBC brought together a diverse group of deer scientists and deer management professionals from China and other deer researchers from Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. These researchers presented information on recent developments in deer conservation and management, population ecology, the growth and biochemistry of deer antler, aspects of deer health management, and nutrition of deer with particular reference to those species that are important in Chinese, Japanese and European environments.

The topics covered in the IDBC plenary papers included antler stem cells and regeneration, management of Père David and sika deer, genetic divergence in deer, and chronic wasting disease of deer.

The papers presented at the Dalian Antler Symposium illustrated the great advances that have been recently made in understanding the morphogenesis and nutrition of deer antler, and the production and efficacy of pharmaceuticals derived from these. Topics included pain control during antler removal, nutrition of antler growth, regeneration of antlers, and the genetics of antler growth.

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