Mosses of Dry Forests in South Eastern Australia

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Paperback - August 2015 - AU $15.00

A pocket sized field guide to the hidden and often overlooked world of mosses.

Moss. From a distance it appears as a green smudge in the landscape: on rocks, between grasses, in gutters and brickwork, even on trees. But come closer: a micro world of amazing variety in colours, shapes and textures is there. It’s an ancient world, of beautiful plants which play a key role in the health and preservation of our soils. + Full description

A pocket sized field guide for students and absolute beginners—technically accurate, but free of technical language— this is an attempt to present a little known part of the plant kingdom to a new audience.

The guide contains an introduction explaining the life cycle of mosses and their importance in the ecosystem; tips on how to approach identification; detailed descriptions of common, striking species; and appendices carefully distinguishing mosses from liverworts and lichens. Twenty nine main species are dealt with, each illustrated with multiple photos, and pointers are offered to less common species.

- Short description


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Paperback | August 2015 | $ 15.00
ISBN: 9780646916934 | 104 pages
Publisher: Friends of the Box Ironbark Forests (Mount Alexander Region) Inc.