Understanding Change in the Ecological Character of Internationally Important Wetlands

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This special issue provides critical background and information for wetland scientists on the nature of change in wetlands.

The world’s wetlands of international importance are overseen by host nations under processes established through the intergovernmental Convention on Wetlands, commonly known as the Ramsar Convention. Signatory nations to the Convention are required to list at least one wetland as internationally important (known as Ramsar sites) and describe and maintain their ecological character. + Full description

This special issue of Marine & Freshwater Research provides critical background and information for wetland scientists and managers about the nature of change in wetlands, including that which can occur over different timescales, and so improve their capacity to understand the present condition and trajectory – or trajectories – of change.

This special issue is an outcome of the 2013 workshop ‘Ramsar Wetlands: Understanding Change in Ecological Character’ held at Queenscliff, Australia. Sponsored by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (now Future Earth) PAGES (Past Global Changes) project, this meeting brought together over 70 international delegates comprising an eclectic group of palaeoecologists and wetland managers and ecologists.

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Paperback | June 2016 | $ 75.00
ISBN: MF67/06 | 196 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing