Planting Dreams

Painting of the Strelitzia reginae, or Bird of Paradise plant.

Hardback - September 2016 - AU $49.99

Showcases Australian garden making in all its richness and diversity through a mix of paintings, sketches, photographs, and prints.

Waratah or wattle? Chrysanthemum or rose? Planting Dreams celebrates the artistry and imagination that have shaped Australian gardens. Respected garden historian Richard Aitken explores the environmental and social influences that have helped produce our unique gardening culture – from Indigenous land management and the earliest European garden at Farm Cove, to the potted plants and besser block screens of mid-twentieth century modernist design and beyond. + Full description

Drawing on the unparalleled collections of the State Library of New South Wales, Planting Dreams showcases Australian garden making in all its richness and diversity through a stunning and intriguing mix of paintings, sketches, photographs, and prints, from popular culture to high art.

- Short description


Hardback | September 2016 | $ 49.99
ISBN: 9781742234649 | 272 pages
Publisher: NewSouth Publishing


Richard Aitken is recognised nationally and internationally for his expertise in the field of garden history. He has been long a long-time editor of Australian Garden History, the quarterly journal of the Australian Garden Historical Society, and his books include The Oxford Companion to Australian Gardens (2002), Gardenesque (2004), Botanical Riches (2006), Seeds of Change (2006), The Garden of Ideas (2010), and Cultivating Modernism (2013). Richard has undertaken numerous conservation plans for significant historic gardens throughout Australia. He has curated several major exhibitions for Australia's leading collecting institutions.