Birds in Their Habitats

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Discover birds and the places they live.

Everywhere we go there are birds, and they all have mysteries to be unravelled. These mysteries include the way they look, from bizarre to apparently mundane, why they live where they live, and the things they do, many of which are far too incredible ever to be imagined as fiction. + Full description

Birds in Their Habitats is a collection of stories and experiences, which introduce fascinating aspects of birdlife, ecology and behaviour. Informed by a wealth of historical and contemporary research, Ian Fraser takes the reader on a journey through four continents: from places as unfamiliar as the Chonos Archipelago of southern Chile and the arid Sahel woodlands of northern Cameroon to those as familiar as a suburban backyard. This is a book of discovery of birds and the places they live. And with humour and personal insight, it is a book about the sometimes strange world of the people who spend a life absorbed in birds.

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"Ian Fraser's writing is not of the dry, scientific style; it is evocative in describing his acute observations and understanding in nature... I was immediately reminded of Crosbie Morrison." - Don Saunders, Bird Observers' Club of Australia, on A Bush Capital Year.

"Ian Fraser is one of the country's most accomplished natural history writers." - Sean Dooley, Australian Birdlife, on Australian Bird Names.


Paperback | March 2018 | $ 39.95
ISBN: 9781486307449 | 240 pages | 234 x 153 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Engaging and entertaining text written by one of Australia’s best natural history writers.
  • This ‘birding travelogue’ will take readers on a journey of discovery through the far-flung habitats and fascinating birds of the world.
  • Contains an illustrated section with colour photographs showcasing the incredible diversity of bird species and their habitats.


Chapter 1: Deserts
Chapter 2: Rainforests
Chapter 3: Oceans and islands
Chapter 4: Mountains
Chapter 5: Wetlands and rivers
Chapter 6: Suburbia
Chapter 7: Woodlands and grasslands
Bird species index
General index

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Ian Fraser is a naturalist, conservationist, regular contributor and commentator on ABC Radio (local and national), natural history tour guide and adult educator who has lived and worked in Canberra since 1980. He was awarded the Australian Natural History Medallion in 2006, and the Order of Australia in 2018 for services to conservation and the environment. He is the author of A Bush Capital Year (2011), with artist Peter Marsack, and Australian Bird Names: A Complete Guide (2013), with Jeannie Gray. Both books were awarded Whitley Certificates.