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The latest scientific knowledge from CSIRO and other agencies to describe what we know about our oceans.

Australia has the third largest marine estate in the world, extending from the tropics to Antarctica and including vast areas of the Indian, Pacific and Southern Oceans. We have a good reputation for management of our marine estate but there is still much to understand about how our actions affect the oceans, including through climate change, fishing, resource extraction, shipping, and recreation and tourism. + Full description

Our oceans are tremendous resources, culturally, socially and economically, and are repositories for incredible biodiversity. Oceans provide food and energy and influence weather and climate across the country. Indigenous Australians have had cultural and livelihood relationships with our oceans for thousands of years. Most Australians live within an hour’s drive of the coast and the seaside is a valued recreational destination, as it is for increasing numbers of international tourists. Australia’s oceans affect our every activity and managing them well is vital to our nation.

Oceans: Science and Solutions for Australia summarises decades of scientific research by CSIRO and other agencies to describe what we know about our oceans, how research contributes to their use and management, and how new technologies are changing marine research. It provides engaging and accessible reading for all those interested in Australia’s magnificent marine estate.

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Paperback | December 2017 | $ 24.95
ISBN: 9781486307937 | 224 pages | 260 x 200 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour photographs, Illustrations

PDF | December 2017 |
ISBN: 9781486307944 | 224 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour photographs, Illustrations

ePUB | December 2017
ISBN: 9781486307951
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing


  • Draws on the latest peer-reviewed literature contributed to by thousands of Australian and international researchers
  • Provides a synthesis of CSIRO’s robust research over several decades
  • Delves into a comprehensive range of topics across the broad subjects of Australia’s marine estate, science and ocean use, and future oceans science
  • The text is complemented with colour photographs and illustrations throughout, chapter key messages and suggestions for further reading
  • Supplementary teachers notes will be available


Foreword by Larry Marshall
List of contributors
Chapter 1: Introduction
Section 1: Australia’s marine estate
Chapter 2: Australia’s ocean currents
Chapter 3: The living ocean
Chapter 4: Geology beneath our oceans
Chapter 5: The oceans and our climate
Chapter 6: The oceans and our lives
Chapter 7: The blue economy
Chapter 8: Governance of Australian seas and oceans
Section 2: Science and ocean use
Chapter 9: Fisheries and aquaculture
Chapter 10: Energy from Australia’s marine estate
Chapter 11: Coastal development
Chapter 12: Operational oceanography – security, safety, transport, search and rescue
Chapter 13: Ocean pollution – risks, costs and consequences
Chapter 14: Tools and technologies for ocean observation
Chapter 15: Managing multiple uses of our oceans
Section 3: Future oceans science
Chapter 16: Changes and challenges for future generations
Chapter 17: Ocean changes to come
Chapter 18: Future technologies
Chapter 19: Conclusion

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