Double Helix Issue 17

Magazine - July 2017 - AU $8.50

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Travel to Antarctica, prepare for Mars and learn how maths can get you a job playing LEGO.

Brrr! Time to rug up – this issue we’re headed to Antarctica. Join teacher Stuart Gifford as he sails in Antarctic waters. You can also find out which weeds call the subantarctic home. Preparing for a different voyage, Double Helix writer Greta volunteers to help astronauts survive on Mars. + Full description

There's plenty for you to do in this issue too! Try a cool chemical reaction and some temperature illusions, or learn how whales keep themselves warm in cold oceans. And learn how maths can get you a job playing with LEGO!

- Short description


Magazine | July 2017 | $ 8.50
ISBN: DH03/17 | 40 pages | 297 x 210 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing