Field Guide to Useful Native Plants from Temperate Australia

Cover featuring four images of native plants overlaid with text.

Paperback - June 2016 - AU $49.99

Detailed descriptions of over 150 useful plants from the temperate eco-region.

More than 600 colour photos and drawings for ease of identification, as well as maps of local and Australia-wide distributions. Information on a wide range of uses for native plants as food, fibre and medicines, including notes on preparation. The result of a 15-year fieldwork partnership photographing, describing and using plants from the temperate eco-region of south-eastern Australia. A valuable contribution to the knowledge of the native plants of south-eastern Australia. + Full description

This guide will be of interest to people who live there and the many tourist who visit the area, as well as bushwalkers, educators, archaeologists and chefs.

- Short description


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Paperback | June 2016 | $ 49.99
ISBN: 9781922134608 | 412 pages
Publisher: New Holland
Colour photographs