Australasian Peptide Chemistry

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This special issue contains a selection of papers showcasing the cutting edge research being conducted in peptide chemistry.

The Australasian Peptide Chemistry special issue of the Australian Journal of Chemistry is devoted to highlighting the international excellence of peptide chemistry research in Australasia by a selected cohort of current elite peptide researchers. + Full description

The issue is also commemorating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Australia's first dedicated peptide research laboratory at CSIRO when E. O. P. Thompson returned from the UK where he undertook Ph.D. studies with Frederick Sanger at Cambridge University on the sequencing and primary structure determination of ovine insulin. Sanger was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1958 for this work. Thompson was soon joined by the Australian chemist, John Swan, who had been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to undertake a post-doctoral year with Vincent du Vigneaud at Cornell University, USA, where he was part of the team that synthesised the nonapeptide, oxytocin. This was the first chemical synthesis of a biologically active peptide and led to the award to du Vigneaud of the 1955 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Swan later became the Foundation Chair of Organic Chemistry at Monash University.

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Paperback | February 2017 | $ 75.00
ISBN: CH70/02 | 108 pages