Chooks in Dinner Suits

Illustration of a family of little penguins on the beach.

Paperback - June 2016 - AU $19.99

A warmly funny account of one man's quest to save a penguin colony, with two very unusual helpers.

On a tiny island lives a waddle of Little Penguins. But their numbers are dwindling. Swampy Marsh knows what to do, but no one will listen. Soon he can count the last few penguins on the fingers of one hand. The desperate townsfolk give Swampy, and his friends Max and Mimi, one chance. + Full description

Will his solution work? Will Swampy save the Little Penguins of Middle Island?

A warmly funny account of one man’s quest to save a penguin colony, with two very unusual helpers. This story is based on events that took place on Middle Island, Warrnambool and have become well known to the public. This true story, which features both human and animal heroes, has been written as a heartwarming tale by Diane Jackson Hill. Craig Smith’s lively illustrations capture all the drama and humour of the predicament and the characters involved.

Perfect for ages 3-6.

- Short description


2017 Environmental Award for Children’s Literature – Picture Fiction (Wilderness Society)

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Paperback | June 2016 | $ 19.99
ISBN: 9781921833380 | 32 pages | 220 x 280 mm
Publisher: Museum Victoria