Zoological Catalogue of Australia Series

Australian Biological Resources Study

Whitley Award Commendation for Best Zoological Monograph Series, 1995 and 2003

The Zoological Catalogue of Australia is a database of taxonomic and biological knowledge of the Australian fauna. The Catalogue, compiled as a public inquiry database, is now incorporated into the Australian Biological Information Facility (ABIF-Fauna).

Each published volume in this series is derived from the database and covers a specific animal group or groups, citing by name and original reference all species known from Australia.

Information provided for each species includes:
  • synonymy
  • literature citations
  • location and status of type material and type locality for each available name
  • a brief summary of geographical distribution and ecological attributes
  • important references on various aspects, especially biology.

The Catalogue is of great value and interest to all who require information on the nomenclature, taxonomy and biology of the Australian fauna. The volumes are essential texts for taxonomists, zoogeographers, fauna survey and management authorities, ecologists, environmental consultants, public health and veterinary authorities.

This series is co-published by CSIRO Publishing and the Australian Biological Resources Study

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