Algae of Australia Series

Australian Biological Resources Study

The Algae of Australia series provides the basic systematic data necessary for issues relating to conservation, biological diversity and the management of aquatic ecosystems. For the purposes of this series ‘Algae’ is interpreted in a very broad sense, to cover all organisms that have traditionally been studied by phycologists, including macroalgae, unicellular and multicellular microalgae and cyanobacteria.

Individual titles range from the more traditional taxon-based accounts to regional or habitat-based treatments. Where appropriate, each volume includes an introductory essay detailing the history of research and systematic relationships of the particular group, as well as information on structure and reproduction. Keys to the identification of families, genera and species are provided, as well as descriptions, illustrations, notes on ecology, distribution maps and bibliographic information. The series is an essential resource for those interested in Australian phycology and aquatic habitats.

This series is co-published by CSIRO Publishing and the Australian Biological Resources Study.

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