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The identification of the sporomorph Phyllocladidites with Dacrydium and its distribution in Southern Tertiary deposits

IC Cookson

Australian Journal of Botany 1(1) 64 - 70
Published: 1953


The morphological similarity between the Tertiary sporotype Phyllocladidites and the pollen grains of the recent Tasmanian conifer Dacyldium franklhii is indicated.

It is suggested that, in future, pollen grains of this type should be referred to as Dacrydiumites and that the two sporomorphs already described should be known as Dacrydiumites mawsolzii and Dacrydiumites ruei respectively.

The Tertiary distribution of these sporomorphs is considered.

By an etymological error, the final "i" was omitted from the original spelling (Cookson 1947).

© CSIRO 1953

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