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Environmental Effects on Epicuticular Waxes of Brassica napus L

MI Whitecross and DJ Armstrong

Australian Journal of Botany 20(1) 87 - 95
Published: 1972


Under controlled environmental conditions, seedling plants of Brassica napus L. were subjected to three different temperature regimes and, by differential shading, to three light levels. Marked changes in wax ultrastructure were observed within the temperature range 15-27°C, varying from a pattern of single upright rodlets to one of flat, overlapping, dendritic platelets parallel to the leaf surface. The wax type was consistent at any particular temperature irrespective of light condition. The effect of reduction in light intensity level was an apparent reduction in surface deposition of wax. This was confirmed by gravimetric determinations of total yield of surface wax per unit area and per leaf.

© CSIRO 1972

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