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Ectomycorrhizae Associated With Jarrah

M Malajczuk and FJ Hingston

Australian Journal of Botany 29(4) 453 - 462
Published: 1981


Three major morphological types of ectomycorrhizae have been distinguished on roots of Eucalyptus marginara (jarrah). These were broadly classified as white, brown and black types. The variation in type of ectornycorrhizae and number of infected tips with season and depth in the soil were monitored at three forest sites. The sites had been burnt 1 , 6 and 45 years before sampling. Formation of ectomycorrhizae occurred in winter and spring. The black type was found predominantly in the soil whilst the white and brown types were associated with litter. The mean number of ectomycorrhizal root tips was highest in the 45 year unburnt and least in the 1 year unburnt site, suggesting that burning history influences their abundance.

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