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Indirect Effect of Floristic Composition on Production of Sporangia by Phytophthora cinnamomi in Jarrah Forest Soils

DIL Murray, DD Darling and LR Mcgann

Australian Journal of Botany 33(1) 109 - 113
Published: 1985


Production of sporangia and zoospore discharge by Phytophthora cinnamomi were investigated in jarrah forest soils collected beneath Acacia pulchella, Banksia grandis and Eucalyptus marginata and incubated under conditions which excluded a direct effect of these species on the soil physical environment. Sporangium production was always significantly greater in soils from B. grandis than in soils from A. pulchella; soils from E. marginata gave intermediate results. There was also evidence that discharge of zoospores was suppressed in soils from A. pulchella. Although three isolates of P. cinnamomi differed in their abilities to sporulate per se, they responded similarly to different treatments.

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