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The Classification of Poaceae: Subfamilies and Supertribes

L Watson, HT Clifford and MJ Dallwitz

Australian Journal of Botany 33(4) 433 - 484
Published: 1985


A comprehensive world classification of the Poaceae is presented in which 720 currently accepted genera are distributed among five subfamilies (Pooideae, Bambusoideae, Arundinoideae, Chloridoideae, Panicoideae) and six supertribes (Triticanae and Poanae, in Pooideae; Bambusanae and Oryzanae, in Bambusoideae; Panicanae and Andropogonanae, in Panicoideae). Synonyms in recent use are listed under appropriate groups. The classification reflects a variety of numerical analyses of generic descriptions, accounting for original observations and compiled data on nearly 300 characters concerning mainly morphology, anatomy, physiology and cytology. The detailed group descriptions are fully comparative, and include statistical information on character state distributions.

© CSIRO 1985

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