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The Morphology and Taxonomic Position of Tasmannia glaucifolia (Winteraceae), a New Australian Species

FB Sampson, JB Williams and PS Woodland

Australian Journal of Botany 36(4) 395 - 413
Published: 1988


Tasmannia glaucifolia J . B. Williams, sp. nov., which occurs at altitudes of 1250-1530 m on basalt derived soils near Point Lookout and Barrington Tops, N.S.W., differs from all other Australian species of the genus in possessing a papillate lower epidermis and distinctive cuticular striations on the upper epidermis of the leaf as well as having mostly apetalous flowers. Comparisons made with other Australian species on leaf anatomy, floral morphology and pollen sculpture, and observations of putative natural hybrids of T. glaucifolia and T. stipitata (Vickery) A. C. Smith, are used to assess relationships.

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