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The Influence of CO2 Enrichment on Growth, Nutrient Content and Biomass Allocation of Maranthes corymbosa

CA Berryman, D Eamus and GA Duff

Australian Journal of Botany 41(2) 195 - 209
Published: 1993


Seedlings of Maranthes corymbosa Blume, an evergreen tree of tropical Australia and Indonesia were grown for 32 weeks under conditions of ambient and elevated (700 μmol CO2 mol-1) CO2 in tropical northern Australia. Seedlings were exposed to ambient temperature, vapour pressure deficit and photon flux density fluctuations. Rates of germination and percentage germination were not affected by elevated CO2. Total plant biomass, height growth, total plant leaf area, numbers of leaves and branches and specific leaf weight were significantly increased by elevated CO2. Root:shoot ratio and foliar P, K, Mg, Mn and Ca levels were unaffected but foliar nitrogen levels were decreased by elevated CO2, Nutrient-use-efficiency was unaffected for phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, calcium and potassium but nitrogen-use-efficiency increased in response to elevated CO2.

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