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This November we're exploring irrational fears to celebrate our new releases, Shark Attacks and Australia's Dangerous Snakes.

As defined in another recent release, Venom, a phobia is defined as fulfilling four specific criteria:
  • the fear is triggered by a specific and limited set of stimuli
  • the person gets intensely scared and engages in avoidance behaviour
  • the fear is unreasonable
  • the fear is so excessive that it interferes with daily life
Do you have any of irrational fears? Click on a phobia in the list below to find a corresponding book and see if you can face your fear and read about it anyway!

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Ornithophobia – fear of birdsTop of Page

The Australian Bird Guide cover image

The Australian Bird Guide
Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke, Jeff Davies, Peter Marsack, Kim Franklin
Overcome ornithophobia with this award winning, beautifully illustrated field guide to Australia’s unique birdlife.
May 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 576pp
Paperback - 9780643097544 -    $49.95

Chemophobia – fear of chemicals or chemistryTop of Page

 Chemistry in the Marketplace cover image

Chemistry in the Marketplace
Ben Selinger, Russell Barrow
No need to fear chemistry once you've read this fascinating and at times amusing insight into the real world uses of chemicals.
Jun 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 552pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486303328 -    $69.95

Galeophobia – fear of sharksTop of Page

 Shark Attacks cover image

Shark Attacks
Myths, Misunderstandings and Human Fear
Blake Chapman
Perhaps sharks suffer from anthrophobia? Explore the science, psychological impacts and public perceptions of shark attacks.
Nov 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 280pp
Paperback - 9781486307357 -    $39.95

Zoophobia – fear of animals Top of Page

 Zoo Ethics cover image

Zoo Ethics
The Challenges of Compassionate Conservation
Jenny Gray
Animals are at the heart of this discussion of the challenges of compassionate conservation in zoos, with ethical frameworks and case studies.
Jul 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 256pp
Paperback - 9781486306985 -    $49.95

Chronophobia – fear of the future or passing of timeTop of Page

 Global Megatrends cover image

Global Megatrends
Seven Patterns of Change Shaping Our Future
Stefan Hajkowicz
Face your fears by diving head first into this creative, entertaining and interesting treatise on the future of the world.
May 2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 216pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9781486301409 -    $35.00

Arachnophobia – fear of spidersTop of Page

A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia cover image

A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia
Robert Whyte, Greg Anderson
Learn to love Australia's adorable arthropods with the most comprehensive account of this country's spiders ever published.
Jun 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 464pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9780643107076 -    $49.95

Pteronarcophobia – fear of fliesTop of Page

The Secret Life of Flies cover image

The Secret Life of Flies
Erica McAlister
Did you know we wouldn't have chocolate if it weren't for flies? Enter a hidden world of snail killers, silly names and crazy sex lives.
Apr 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 256pp - Colour illustrations
Hardback - 9781486308026 -    $29.95

Entomophobia – fear of fliesTop of Page

 Insects of South-Eastern Australia cover image

Insects of South-Eastern Australia
An Ecological and Behavioural Guide
Roger Farrow
Fight your entomophobia and delight in the diversity and beauty of insects of this region.
May 2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 288pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486304745 -    $45.00

Katsaridaphobia – fear of cockroachesTop of Page

A Guide to the Cockroaches of Australia cover image

A Guide to the Cockroaches of Australia
David Rentz
Katsaridaphobes may come to appreciate that there is more to cockroaches than meets the eye after reading this guide.
May 2014 - CSIRO Publishing - 328pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9780643103207 -    $49.95

Lepidopterophobia – fear of butterfliesTop of Page

The Complete Field Guide to Butterflies of Australia  cover image

The Complete Field Guide to Butterflies of Australia
Michael Braby
Be tickled by the stunningly illustrated, new edition of the bestselling guide to Australian butterflies.
Apr 2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 400pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486301003 -    $49.95

Anopheliphobia – fear of mosquitoesTop of Page

A Guide to Mosquitoes of Australia cover image

A Guide to Mosquitoes of Australia
Cameron Webb, Stephen Doggett, Richard Russell
Useful tips and strategies! Health information! This guide is here to help as well as inspire awe.
2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 216pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9780643100305 -    $49.95

Thalassophobia – fear of the oceanTop of Page

 Big Pacific cover image

Big Pacific
An Incredible Journey of Exploration and Revelation
Rebecca Tansley
Cast your fears aside and plunge into the blue depths to discover the beauty and majesty of the world's largest ocean.
Oct 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 240pp - Colour photographs
Hardback - 9781486308125 -    $49.95

Toxiphobia – fear of being poisonedTop of Page

 Venom cover image

The Secrets of Nature's Deadliest Weapon
Ronald Jenner, Eivind Undheim
Provide an antidote to toxiphobia and equip yourself with knowledge with this engaging guide to venom, its evolution, effects and treatments.
Oct 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 208pp - Colour illustrations
Paperback - 9781486308378 -    $29.95

Ophidiophobia – fear of snakesTop of Page

 Australia's Dangerous Snakes cover image

Australia's Dangerous Snakes
Identification, Biology and Envenoming
Peter Mirtschin, Arne Rasmussen, Scott Weinstein
Defang your fear and read about the role played by Australia's venomous snakes, the threats they face, their ecology and the latest in bite management.
Nov 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 432pp - Colour photographs
Hardback - 9780643106734 -    $120.00

Chelonaphobia – fear of turtlesTop of Page

 Freshwater Turtles of Australia cover image

Freshwater Turtles of Australia
John Cann, Ross Sadlier
Australia's freshwater turtles are at times fascinating and incredibly diverse. Make friends with them in this beautifully illustrated guide.
Aug 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 464pp - Colour photographs
Hardback - 9781486308248 -    $150.00

Nyctophobia – fear of the night or darknessTop of Page

 Australian Wildlife After Dark cover image

Australian Wildlife After Dark
Martyn Robinson, Bruce Thomson
Illuminate the night with this beautifully illustrated account of rarely seen fauna in Australia.
Apr 2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 160pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486300723 -    $35.00


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