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In honour of the 12th International Mammalogical Congress in Perth, we've put together an interesting selection of books.

Order online by 31 July using promo code 2017-053 to receive special prices on these titles as well as FREE POSTAGE to addresses in Australia and New Zealand.

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Advances in Reintroduction Biology of Australian and New Zealand Fauna
Doug Armstrong, Matthew Hayward, Dorian Moro, Philip Seddon
A review of the process of reintroductions and other conservation-driven translocations in Australasia.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 320pp - Paperback - 9781486303014
[RRP $89.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $72.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Animal Eco-Warriors
Humans and Animals Working Together to Protect Our Planet
Nic Gill
Meet the super dogs, hero rats and cyborg bees keeping our environment safe.
Jun 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 144pp - Paperback - 9781486306213
[RRP $24.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $20.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Australian Wildlife After Dark
Martyn Robinson, Bruce Thomson
Beautifully illustrated account of rarely seen night-time fauna in Australia.
2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 160pp - Paperback - 9781486300723
[RRP $35.00]  SPECIAL PRICE $28.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Camera Trapping
Wildlife Management and Research
Paul Meek, Peter Fleming, Guy Ballard, Peter Banks, Andrew Claridge, Jim Sanderson, Don Swann
Details the use of camera trapping for monitoring wildlife for research and management.
2014 - CSIRO Publishing - 392pp - Paperback - 9781486300396
[RRP $89.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $72.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Carnivores of Australia
Past, Present and Future
Alistair Glen, Christopher Dickman
This book explores Australia's unique predator communities from pre-historic, historic and current perspectives.
2014 - CSIRO Publishing - 448pp - Hardback - 9780643103108
[RRP $89.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $72.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

The Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia
David Andrew
Uncovers the best sites for observing Australia's spectacularly diverse and unique mammals.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 448pp - Paperback - 9780643098145
[RRP $49.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $40.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

The Dingo Debate
Origins, Behaviour and Conservation
Bradley Smith
Explores the intriguing and relatively unknown story of Australia's most controversial animal, the dingo.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 336pp - Paperback - 9781486300297
[RRP $39.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $32.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Managing Australia's Pest Animals
A Guide to Strategic Planning and Effective Management
Mike Braysher

Provides the knowledge to effectively plan, prioritise, develop and apply best practice pest animal management in Australia.

Feb 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 216pp - Paperback - 9781486304431
[RRP $49.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $40.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Radiology of Australian Mammals
Larry Vogelnest, Graeme Allan
How to interpret radiographs of native mammals in order to make informed decisions on diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 320pp - Hardback - 9780643108646
[RRP $180.00]  SPECIAL PRICE $144.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

The Red Kangaroo in Central Australia
An Early Account by A. E. Newsome
Thomas Newsome, Alan Newsome
A unique insight into one of Australia’s most iconic land mammals.
2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 176pp - Paperback - 9781486301553
[RRP $39.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $32.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Reinvention of Australasian Biogeography
Reform, Revolt and Rebellion
Malte Ebach
The story of the evolution of biogeographical practice in Australasia.
2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 192pp - Paperback - 9781486304837
[RRP $69.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $56.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Taxonomy of Australian Mammals
Stephen Jackson, Colin Groves
A complete taxonomic revision of all Australian mammals, both terrestrial and marine.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 536pp - Hardback - 9781486300129
[RRP $160.00]  SPECIAL PRICE $128.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Wildlife Conservation in Farm Landscapes
David Lindenmayer, Damian Michael, Mason Crane, Sachiko Okada, Daniel Florance, Philip Barton, Karen Ikin
Novel perspectives on integrating farming practices and wildlife conservation and other environmental values.
2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 232pp - Paperback - 9781486303106
[RRP $49.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $40.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

Zoo Ethics
The Challenges of Compassionate Conservation
Jenny Gray
A discussion of the challenges of compassionate conservation in zoos, with ethical frameworks and case studies.
Jul 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 256pp - Paperback - 9781486306985
[RRP $49.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $40.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053

The Australian Bird Guide
Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke, Jeff Davies, Peter Marsack, Kim Franklin
The most comprehensive and beautifully illustrated field guide to Australia’s unique birdlife.
May 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 576pp - Paperback - 9780643097544
[RRP $49.95]  SPECIAL PRICE $40.00 USING PROMO CODE 2017-053


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