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Understanding Land Development
A Project-Based Approach
Eddo Coiacetto
A practical guide to land development planning.
2012 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 144pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9780643101715 -    $59.95

Reducing the Impacts of Development on Wildlife
James Gleeson, Deborah Gleeson
Practical measures to reduce the impacts of development on terrestrial wildlife, promoting ecologically sustainable development.
2012 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 248pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9780643100329 -    $89.95

Australia's Unintended Cities
The Impact of Housing on Urban Development
Richard Tomlinson
Explores housing and housing-related urban outcomes that are unintended consequences of other policies in Australia.
2012 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 208pp
Paperback - 9780643103771 -    $89.95

Sustainable Coastal Management and Climate Adaptation
Global Lessons from Regional Approaches in Australia
Richard Kenchington, Laura Stocker, David Wood
Explores the evolution of coastal management, and provides insights into the experience and understanding of coastal management in Australia.
2012 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 232pp - Colour illustrations
Paperback - 9780643100275 -    $99.95

The Life and Death of the Australian Backyard
Tony Hall
Examines the disappearance of the traditional, substantial Australian backyard.
2010 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 176pp - Colour illustrations
Paperback - 9780643098169 -    $69.95

Social Mix and the City
Challenging the Mixed Communities Consensus in Housing and Urban Planning Policies
Kathy Arthurson
Critically appraises how 'social mix' has been constructed historically in urban planning and housing policy.
2012 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 152pp
Paperback - 9780643096424 -    $49.95

Urban Nation
Australia's Planning Heritage
Robert Freestone
Provides the first national survey of the historical impact of urban planning and design on the Australian landscape.
2010 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 336pp - Colour illustrations
Paperback - 9780643096981 -    $79.95

Urban Ecological Design
A Process for Regenerative Places
Danilo Palazzo, Frederick Steiner
Presents a 'how-to' method to transform the urban landscape that is thoroughly informed by theory and practice.
2012 - Island Press, USA - 256pp
Paperback - 9781597268295 -    $49.95

Pathways Towards Sustainable Urban Development in Australia
Peter W Newton
An in-depth introduction to important social and political issues around the future of city planning for the next generation.
2008 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 712pp
Hardback - 9780643094192 -    $195.00

Architecture and Cities for a Changing Climate
Paul F Downton
A book about cities, ecology and climate change written by one of Australia’s leading advocates and pioneers of sustainable architecture.
2009 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 628pp - Colour illustrations
Paperback - 9780643095786 -    $130.00

Life Between Buildings
Using Public Space
Jan Gehl
Classic text on the importance of designing urban public space with the desires of people as guiding principles.
2011 - Island Press, USA - 216pp
Paperback - 9781597268271 -    $44.95

Urban Consumption
Peter Newton
Explores the prospect for winding back current levels of household consumption in high income societies.
2011 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 304pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9780643096875 -    $110.00

Demographic Change in Australia's Rural Landscapes
Implications for Society and the Environment
Gary W Luck, Digby Race, Rosemary Black
Examines broad and local-scale patterns of demographic change in rural landscapes.
2011 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 404pp
Paperback - 9780643096912 -    $89.95

Making Healthy Places
Designing and Building for Health, Well-being, and Sustainability
Andrew L Dannenberg, Howard Frumkin, Richard J Jackson
Drawing on the latest scientific evidence, this book offers a fresh and comprehensive look at this vital subject today.
2011 - Island Press, USA - 456pp
Paperback - 9781597267274 -    $64.00

Stewardship of the Built Environment
Sustainability, Preservation, and Reuse
Robert A Young
Shows how rehabilitating and reusing existing structures holds untapped potential for achieving sustainable communities.
Aug 2012 - Island Press, USA - 290pp
Paperback - 9781610911801 -    $48.99

Waterfront Regeneration
Experiences in City-building
Harry Smith, Maria Soledad Garcia Ferrari
The book opens with an introduction to waterfront regeneration and then provides a framework for analysing and comparing waterfront redevelopments.
Jun 2012 - Earthscan - 208pp
Hardback - 9781844076734 -    $95.00

Coastal Towns in Transition
Local Perceptions of Landscape Change
Raymond James Green
Explores how development is perceived to negatively impact on the character of small coastal communities in Australia.
2010 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 188pp - Colour illustrations
Paperback - 9780643095335 -    $120.00

Energizing Sustainable Cities
Assessing Urban Energy
Arnulf Grubler, David Fisk
Written by an eminent team of internationally renowned scholars it presents new data, new analysis, as well as new policy insights.
2012 - Earthscan - 240pp
Paperback - 9781849714396 -    $75.00

Green Cities of Europe
Global Lessons on Green Urbanism
Timothy Beatley
Draws on the world's best examples of sustainability to show how other cities can become greener and more liveable.
Jun 2012 - Island Press, USA - 260pp
Paperback - 9781597269759 -    $49.95

The Shape of Green
Aesthetics, Ecology, and Design
Lance Hosey
Shows how design at all scales, from products to buildings to cities, can effectively marry art and science.
Jul 2012 - Island Press, USA - 220pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9781610910323 -    $42.99

Life Cycle Assessment
Principles, Practice and Prospects
Ralph E Horne, Tim Grant, Karli Verghese
Focuses on the important practice of LCA in Australia, and provides critical insight into the technique and how it can be used as a problem-solving tool.
2009 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 192pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9780643094529 -    $69.95

Visualizing Climate Change
A Guide to Visual Communication of Climate Change and Developing Local Solutions
Stephen R J Sheppard
Using spectacular visual imagery, this book demonstrates new ways to make carbon and climate change visible in our own backyards.
May 2012 - Earthscan - 400pp - Colour illustrations
Paperback - 9781844078202 -    $125.00

Understanding Soils in Urban Environments
Pam Hazelton, Brian Murphy
Details the physical, chemical and engineering properties of soils and how they can be managed.
2011 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 160pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9780643091740 -    $59.95

Living Architecture
Green Roofs and Walls
Graeme Hopkins, Christine Goodwin
Provides design inspiration and practical advice on using green roofs and living walls.
2011 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 296pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9780643096639 -    $84.95

Australian Planting Design
Paul Thompson
This new edition identifies and explores all aspects of developing better planting designs on any scale.
2012 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 272pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9780643107014 -    $39.95

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips
Joan Webster OAM
New edition lists over 2000 tips to help you make an effective bushfire plan.
2012 - CSIRO PUBLISHING - 184pp
Small Paperback - 9780643107809 -    $29.95


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