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We've put together a selection of books especially for Victoria's residents and visitors. From animals and plants to adventuring and children's titles, you're sure to find something of interest.

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The Australian Bird Guide
Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke, Jeff Davies, Peter Marsack, Kim Franklin
The most comprehensive and beautifully illustrated field guide to Australia’s unique birdlife. Bestseller!
2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 576pp
Paperback - 9780643097544 - $49.95

A Guide to Stag Beetles of Australia
George Hangay, Roger de Keyzer
A comprehensive, stunningly illustrated guide to this unusual and diverse family of beetles.
2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 256pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486302086 - $49.95

A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia
Robert Whyte, Greg Anderson
The most comprehensive account of Australian spiders ever published.
2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 464pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9780643107076 - $49.95

Insects of South-Eastern Australia
An Ecological and Behavioural Guide
Roger Farrow
A regional insect identification field guide based on feeding category and host plant.
2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 288pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486304745 - $45.00

Shark Attacks
Myths, Misunderstandings and Human Fear
Blake Chapman
Explore the science, psychological impacts and public perceptions of shark attacks.
NEW Nov 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 280pp
Paperback - 9781486307357 - $39.95

The Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia
David Andrew
Uncovers the best sites for observing Australia's spectacularly diverse and unique mammals.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 448pp
Paperback - 9780643098145 - $49.95

The Dingo Debate
Origins, Behaviour and Conservation
Bradley Smith
Explores the intriguing and relatively unknown story of Australia's most controversial animal, the dingo.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 336pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9781486300297 - $39.95

The Redwoods of the Otway Ranges
Roger Smith
Tells the remarkable story of one of the world’s tallest tree species growing in the spectacular Great Otway National Park in Victoria.
2015 - Lothian - 200pp
Paperback - 9781921737138 - $32.95

Weeds of the South-East
An Identification Guide for Australia
FJ Richardson, RG Richardson, RCH Shepherd
A fully updated comprehensive identification guide for weeds in the south-east region of Australia.
2016 - RG and FJ Richardson - 546pp
Paperback - 9780980388541 - $79.95

Australian Garden Rescue
Restoring a Damaged Garden
Mary Horsfall
How to rescue your garden if it has been damaged by natural phenomena, pest attacks or prolonged neglect.
2014 - CSIRO Publishing - 256pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486300006 -    $39.95

Following Burke and Wills Across Australia
A Touring Guide
Dave Phoenix
A perfect companion for those wanting to see outback Australia, and at the same time understand a journey that has attained mythic status.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 416pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486301584 - $49.95

Sun, Skin and Health
Terry Slevin
Offers current evidence on key aspects of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.
2014 - CSIRO Publishing - 288pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486301157 - $32.95 | On sale until 28 Feb - usually AU $39.95

Positive Energy Homes
Creating Passive Houses for Better Living
Robin Brimblecombe, Kara Rosemeier
A guide to how positive energy living can be achieved, through homes that power themselves and empower their occupants.
2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 272pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9781486303762 - $59.95

Chemistry in the Marketplace
Ben Selinger, Russell Barrow
Provides a fascinating and at times amusing insight into the real world uses of chemicals.
2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 552pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486303328 - $69.95

Big Pacific
An Incredible Journey of Exploration and Revelation
Rebecca Tansley
A captivating exploration of the world's biggest ocean and its inhabitants.
NEW Oct 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 240pp - Colour photographs
Hardback - 9781486308125 - $49.95

Walks, Tracks and Trails of Victoria
Derrick Stone
More than 150 of the best walks, tracks and trails in Victoria, covering the best the state has to offer.
2009 - CSIRO Publishing - 296pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9780643095878 - $44.95

Australian Alps
Kosciuszko, Alpine and Namadgi National Parks
Deirdre Slattery
A fascinating, illustrated guide that introduces some of Australia's highest mountains.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 320pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486301713 - $45.00

Living with Fire
People, Nature and History in Steels Creek
Christine Hansen, Tom Griffiths
This deeply moving book examines how one community rebuilt and redefined itself following the Black Saturday fires.
2012 - CSIRO Publishing - 200pp - Colour illustrations
Hardback - 9780643104792 - $49.95

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips
Joan Webster OAM
This completely updated edition lists approximately 3000 tips to help you make an effective bushfire plan.
2012 - CSIRO Publishing - 184pp
Small Paperback - 9780643107809 - $29.95

Planning Melbourne
Lessons for a Sustainable City
Michael Buxton, Robin Goodman, Susie Moloney
A book about past, present and future planning for the city of Melbourne.
2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 192pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9780643104723 - $59.95

Bouncing Back
An Eastern Barred Bandicoot Story
Rohan Cleave, Coral Tulloch
A beautifully illustrated story of this marsupial's plight and how it was saved from extinction.
2018 - CSIRO Publishing - 32pp - Colour illustrations
Hardback - 9781486308279 - $24.95

Saving the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect
Rohan Cleave, Coral Tulloch
The stunningly illustrated true story of the phasmid and its remarkable journey back from extinction.
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - 32pp - Colour illustrations
Hardback - 9781486301126 - $24.95

Exploring Soils
A Hidden World Underground
Samantha Grover, Camille Heisler
Take a journey with aspiring soil scientist James and discover the importance of soils in our world.
2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 32pp - Colour illustrations
Hardback - 9781486305001 - $24.95

Imagining the Future
Invisibility, Immortality and 40 Other Incredible Ideas
Simon Torok, Paul Holper
Get prepared for the fantastic future with this guide to the unbelievable and incredible inventions just over the horizon.
2016 - CSIRO Publishing - 144pp - Illustrations
Paperback - 9781486302727 - $24.95

Double Helix Issue 20
CSIRO's magazine for tomorrow's scientists
Dive into the Great Barrier Reef in the next issue of the magazine, or subscribe at www.doublehelix.csiro.au from $35
Dec 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - 40pp
Magazine - DH03/20 - $8.50

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