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The Silver–Alkene Interaction as a Supramolecular Synthon: Divinylbenzene-Based Assemblies

Jennifer Burgess A , Justine R. A. Cottam A and Peter J. Steel A B

A Department of Chemistry, University of Canterbury, Christchurch 8020, New Zealand.

B Corresponding author. Email:

Australian Journal of Chemistry 59(5) 295-297
Submitted: 2 May 2006  Accepted: 3 May 2006   Published: 13 June 2006


The interaction of silver(i) salts with alkenes is shown to be a useful synthon for the assembly of both discrete and polymeric metallosupramolecular architectures. The three isomers of divinylbenzene lead to a diverse range of adducts, seven of which have been structurally characterized by X-ray crystallography.


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