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Description of Bond Pseudorotation, Bond Pseudolibration, and Ring Pseudoinversion Processes Caused by the Pseudo-Jahn–Teller Effect: Fluoro Derivatives of the Cyclopropane Radical Cation

Wenli Zou A and Dieter Cremer A B
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A Department of Chemistry, Southern Methodist University, 3215 Daniel Ave, Dallas, Texas 75275-0314, USA.

B Corresponding author. Email:

Australian Journal of Chemistry 67(3) 435-443
Submitted: 11 September 2013  Accepted: 16 October 2013   Published: 28 November 2013


Curvilinear coordinates are used to describe the molecular geometry and the pseudo-Jahn–Teller surface of F-substituted cyclopropane radical cations using the equation-of-motion coupled cluster EOMIP-CCSD/cc-pVTZ approach. The monofluoro derivative 2 undergoes bond pseudolibration (incomplete bond pseudorotation) between two symmetry-equivalent biradicaloid forms separated by a barrier of 2.2 kcal mol–1 (1 kcal mol–1 = 4.186 kJ mol–1) at low temperature. Bond pseudorotation and ring pseudoinversion have barriers of 12.1 and 16.5 kcal mol–1 respectively. The relative energies of 2 are affected by the distribution of the positive charge in the C3 ring and the formation of a CF bond with partial π character. There is a change of the CF bond length from 1.285 to 1.338 Å along the bond pseudorotation path. The changes of the CF bond outweigh the deformation effects of the C3 ring; however, both are a result of the pseudo-Jahn–Teller effect according to an (A′ + A′′) (a′ + a′′) interaction. For the pentafluoro derivative 3 of the cyclopropane radical cation, bond pseudorotation has a barrier of 16.3 kcal mol–1 whereas ring pseudoinversion is hindered by a barrier of 21.7 kcal mol–1. Radical cation 3 is the first example of a trimethylene radical cation.


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