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Constituents of Endiandra species. I. Endiandric acid, a novel carboxylic acid from Endiandra introrsa (Lauraceae), and a derived lactone

WM Bandaranayake, JE Banfield, DSC Black, GD Fallon and BM Gatehouse

Australian Journal of Chemistry 34(8) 1655 - 1667
Published: 1981


X-ray crystallographic analysis shows that endiandric acid and a derived lactone have the respective structures 2-(6'- phenyltetracyclo[5,4,2,03,13,010,12]trideca-4',8'-dien-11'-yl)acetic acid and 12-phenyl-3-oxapentacyclo[7,5,2,02,6,07,15,013,16]hexadecan-4-one.

© CSIRO 1981

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