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Tropical Marine Algae. IX. A New Sesquiterpenoid Metabolite From the Red Alga Laurencia marianensis

R Denys, JC Coll and BF Bowden

Australian Journal of Chemistry 46(6) 933 - 937
Published: 1993


An investigation of the natural products chemistry of the red alga Laurencia marianensis Yamada, a species whose chemistry has not previously been described in the literature, yielded the new metabolite 1-[(3′S*,3a′lR*,4′R*,7′S*,7a′S*)-7′-bromo-7a′-methyl-3′-(1′-methylethyl)octahydro-1′H-inden-4′-yl] ethanone (1) and the known metabolites deoxyprepacifenol (2) and pacifenol (3). The full n.m.r. characterization of (2) and (3) is reported for the first time.

© CSIRO 1993

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