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Structural Studies of Three Sesquiterpenes From Litsea spp. (Lauraceae)

EH Hakim, SA Achmad, y Effend, EL Ghisalberti, DCR Hockless and AH White

Australian Journal of Chemistry 46(9) 1355 - 1362
Published: 1993


Isocurcumol (1) and a diepoxygermacranolide (2) have been isolated from Litsea cassiaefolia (Lauraceae), and valenc-1(10)-ene-8,11-diol (3) from L. excelsa. The structures of these new sesquiterpenes have been determined by X-ray crystallographic methods. It is suggested that (2) is identical to a compound described previously and originally assigned the epimeric configuration at C8.

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