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Trunculin-F and Contrunculin-A and -B: Novel Oxygenated Norterpenes From a Southern Australian Marine Sponge, Latrunculia conulosa

MS Butler and RJ Capon

Australian Journal of Chemistry 46(9) 1363 - 1374
Published: 1993


A specimen of Latrunculia conulosa from southern Australian coastal waters, previously observed to contain conulosin-A (6) and conulosin-B (7), has also been found to yield the known marine natural product trunculin-C methyl ester (14), along with three new norterpenes, trunculin-F (10), contrunculin-A (11) and contrunculin-B (12). Trunculin-F (10) was isolated, characterized and identified as its methyl ester (13), and its absolute stereochemistry determined by Horeau analysis. The structures for all new compounds were secured by detailed spectroscopic analysis.

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