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Insect pollination of mango in northern Australia

DL Anderson, M Sedgley, JRT Short and AJ Allwood

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 33(3) 541 - 548
Published: 1982


Large native insect species were shown to pollinate mango (Mangifera indica L.) in northern Australia. The pollinators, in decreasing order of efficiency, were wasps, bees, large ants and large flies. It was found that the most efficient pollinators were those that carried large numbers of pollen grains on their thoraces and used a short proboscis or short mouth parts to feed on nectar. Large Diptera and the native bee, Trigona sp., frequently moved from tree to tree and thus were probably the most effective cross pollinators. Of randomly selected hermaphrodite mango flowers, 36% were pollinated.

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