Securing Australia's Future

Securing Australia's Future

Chapter 1: Australia's strength - and a plan for a secure future

pp. 1-22

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Chapter 2: Engagement with Asia: time to be smarter

pp. 23-46

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Chapter 3: Boosting productivity with innovation and new technologies

pp. 47-70

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Chapter 4: Recharging education to power the nation

pp. 71-94

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Chapter 5: Green and clean: securing a sustainable future

pp. 95-120

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Chapter 6: Conclusion: challenges and opportunities for Australia

pp. 121-130

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Segue: Securing Australia’s Future compendium

pp. 131-132

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Appendix 1. Australia’s Comparative Advantage

pp. 133-136

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Appendix 2. STEM: Country Comparisons: International Comparisons of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education

pp. 137-139

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Appendix 3. Smart Engagement with Asia: Leveraging Language, Research and Culture

pp. 140-143

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Appendix 4. The Role of Science, Research and Technology in Lifting Australian Productivity

pp. 144-146

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Appendix 5. Technology and Australia’s Future: New Technologies and their Role in Australia’s Security, Cultural, Democratic, Social and Economic Systems

pp. 147-149

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Appendix 6. Engineering Energy: Unconventional Gas Production

pp. 150-153

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Appendix 7. Australia’s Agricultural Future

pp. 154-157

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Appendix 8. Delivering Sustainable Urban Mobility

pp. 158-161

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Appendix 9. Translating Research for Economic and Social Benefit: Country Comparisons

pp. 162-165

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Appendix 10. Skills and Capabilities for Australian Enterprise Innovation

pp. 166-169

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Appendix 11. Australia’s Diaspora Advantage: Realising the Potential for Building Transnational Business Networks with Asia

pp. 170-173

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