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Characterizing Heterogeneities in a Clastic Reservoir Using Joint/Simultaneous PP/PS Inversion, 4D Timelapse, Multi Attribute Analysis, and PSDM

Jason Nycz

ASEG Extended Abstracts 2016(1) 1 - 6
Published: 2016


In the relatively mature Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, the primary objective of the geophysics discipline is transitioning from the traditional interpretation of reservoir morphology to include reservoir characterization through the determination of rock and fluid properties. Increasing competition, eroding rates of return, and a decreased tolerance for risk have driven operators to strive to gain as much robust information from their data as possible.

Between 2011 and 2015, Laricina Energy, a privately held bitumen extraction company, acquired both PP/PS 3D and 4D timelapse seismic data over its producing areas. Prestack joint/simultaneous PP/PS inversion, combined with multi attribute analysis allowed for the investigation of both the static and dynamic reservoir. An inability to reconcile the PSTM inversion data to the laterally changing geology of the lower reservoir (and therefore velocities determined during PSTM) warranted processing the data to PSDM.

Ongoing results demonstrate that combining geologic data with compelling analysis products from optimally acquired seismic data can be used to gain meaningful insight as to the physical conditions of both the reservoir and its fluids. As this information is obtained through the life cycle of an E&P project, continual integration and utilization will result in decisions having a higher NPV and could result in more favourable economic results.

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