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Isotopic Fractionation During Reduction of Nitrate and Nitrite by Extracts of Spinach Leaves

SF Ledgard, KC Woo and FJ Bergersen

Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 12(6) 631 - 640
Published: 1985


The isotopic fractionations of nitrogen during the reduction of NO3- and NO2- in a cytosolic fraction and in a chloroplast preparation from spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) leaves were determined. The reduction of NO3- to NH3 was studied using a reconstituted system containing cytosolic extract and intact chloroplasts, while a chloroplast system was used for NO2- reduction. In the reconstituted systems the ratio of nitrate reductase activity to nitrite reductase activity had a large effect on the relative amounts of NO2- and NH3 formed. Ammonia predominated when the nitrate reductase to nitrite reductase activity ratio was 1 : 5 and this ratio was used in the isotopic fractionation studies. Significant isotopic fractionation of N was observed in the reconstituted system but not in the chloroplast system. This indicates that the observed isotopic fractionation was associated with the reduction of NO3- to NO2- by nitrate reductase. The isotopic fractionation (i.e. δ15Nproduct - δ15Nsubstrate) for this reaction was - 15‰.

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