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Cell-Specific Expression of Rubisco Small Subunit and Rubisco Activase Genes in C3 and C4 Species of Atriplex

GS Hudson, RE Dengler, PW Hattersley and G Dengler

Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 19(1) 89 - 96
Published: 1992


In situ hybridisation techniques have been used to determine the distribution of mRNAs for ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco: EC and Rubisco activase in leaves of Atriplex patula L. (C3) and A. rosea L. (C4). In A. patula, mRNA for Rubisco small subunit (encoded by the rbcS gene family) was found to accumulate in the mesophyll and bundle sheath, while in A. rosea it accumulated in the bundle sheath only, as shown previously for the C4 monocot Zea mays L. The spatial distribution of rca transcripts for Rubisco activase paralleled that for the rbcS transcripts in both C3 and C4 Atriplex species, providing evidence that Rubisco activase is required in cells only where Rubisco is present.

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