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Plant Signalling: from Molecules to Behaviour

Guest Editors: Dr Vadim Demidchik (Belarusian State University), Dr Frans Maathuis (University of York), Dr Olga Voitsekhovskaja (Komarov Botanical Institute RAS)
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The scope of this special issue is on the nature of plant signalling from the molecular level via organelles to the whole plant level, including plant-to-plant communication. It aims to synthesise different views and develop concepts for molecular recognition and decoding of chemical and physical signals by plant cells, signals processing and their integration into networks during complex plant behaviours. As such, we welcome articles focusing on messengers, receptors, ion channels and signal transduction pathways, and their roles in development, programmed cell death, autophagy, retrograde signalling, adaptive behaviour, long distance communication and neuron-like reactions.

Flooding and Low Oxygen Responses in Plants

Guest Editors: Rens Voesenek (Utrecht University), Ole Pedersen (University of Copenhagen), Pierdomenico Perata (Scuola Superiore Sant´Anna)
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Too much water challenges plant growth and fitness of most natural terrestrial plants and crops. This is caused by impeded gas exchange under water in combination with low light levels resulting from muddy and turbid floodwaters. Interestingly, the shortage of oxygen caused by slow diffusion is not restricted to plants exposed to temporary floods; there are phases in the life cycle of plants in which certain tissues and cells experience low oxygen conditions. Moreover, some plants such as those from marshes, grow vigorously while partly flooded. This special issue will provide novel insights into mechanisms behind the sensing and signalling networks that induce adaptive processes and the variability in tolerance to flooding between species and accessions. We invite papers providing updates on ecological, physiological and molecular processes that aid development and survival during floods and during specific life cycle stages. These studies will ultimately provide knowledge that facilitates the development of flood tolerant crops as dictated by the present climate changes.