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Call for Papers

Issues and Tensions Arising from Increasing Levels of Hybridisation in New Zealand General Practice

The guest editorial team comprises of three University of Otago academics, who bring complementary experience and perspectives on healthcare:

  • Dr Fiona Doolan-Noble: a senior research fellow in rural health in the Department of General Practice and Rural Health, Dunedin School of Medicine.
  • Dr Richard Greatbanks: a senior lecturer in the Otago Business School, University of Otago Dunedin.
  • Dr Carol Atmore: the current HRC Foxley Fellow, working in the Department of General Practice and Rural Health, Dunedin school of Medicine.

We are planning a special issue of the Journal of Primary Health Care focusing on the issues and tensions arising from increasing levels of hybridisation in general practice. We seek papers that comment on, or offer solutions to, the problems and tensions that doctors, nurses and staff employees face in owning, running and working in New Zealand general practice. Contributions could be in the form of original research, quality improvement projects, case studies and viewpoint manuscripts.

Papers could include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Balancing the demands of hybridised business models in New Zealand general practice
  • Implication of uncertain funding streams in an integrated care model
  • Māori Health provider perspectives
  • The impact of the proposed Social Bonds on general practice funding
  • Opportunities for general practice that are a result of hybridisation
  • Geographic location and responses to hybridisation
  • Impact on rural/urban divide and population groups
  • Impact of hybridisation on general practice staff mix and availability
  • Impact of hybridisation on sole owner general practices
  • Different responses to increasing hybridisation
  • What does increasing hybridisation mean for patients and for integration of health services?
  • The role of general practice performance measurement in responding to hybridisation
  • Social implications of a more hybridised general practice sector

Papers should be submitted through our online journal management system ScholarOne Manuscripts.
Submission deadline: 31 March 2017