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Awards and Prizes

Ray James Memorial Award

The Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA) established the Ray James Memorial Award to honour the memory and contribution of Dr Ray James to health promotion in Australia.

Dr James, who died in 2008, was a leader and innovator in health promotion, dedicating almost three decades of his life to public health and health promotion in Australia. His pioneering work in community-based health promotion set the standard for such research and practice in Australia. Dr James is particularly noted for his commitment to innovation and mentoring. His work spanned diverse areas such as drug interventions, physical activity and mental health.

Dr James contributed extensively to AHPA as a founding member, a founding Editor of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia, and the inaugural chair of the planning committee for the AHPA conference. He was awarded a Life Membership of AHPA in 2000 for his outstanding and distinguished service to the Association and to health promotion in Australia.

Terms of reference
The Ray James Memorial Award is presented for excellence and innovation in health promotion research published during the previous year in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia. If no articles are considered to meet the selection criteria for the year, the Award will be held over to the following year. One Award will be given each calendar year.

The Award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Association during the AHPA national conference or at another suitable time as agreed by the Management Committee.

The Award will include $1000 prize money. In the case of multiple authors, this money will be shared between the authors. The award recipient(s) may be invited to write a brief article for the Australian Health Promotion Update national newsletter outlining how they intend to use the prize money.

Award selection criteria
First authors of Articles, Systematic Reviews and Brief Reports are eligible for the Award; however, you must be a current individual financial member of the AHPA to be short-listed. If you are a member, your paper will be automatically entered for the Award.

Nominated articles will be assessed according to the balance of their strengths in the following areas:

  1. Quality of methods – based on needs assessment, fosters empowerment, involves partnerships, builds capacity or, if research, methodologically sound and well-grounded in theory.
  2. Innovation – in health promotion practice or research (e.g. new way of engaging community, novel application of theory).
  3. Contribution to knowledge – project or research contributes to improved evidence, methodology, analysis, conceptual thinking and/or theory.
  4. Effectiveness – demonstrates an impact on health needs or determinants.
  5. Improving equity – contributes to a reduction in social inequalities in health.
  6. Sustainability – strategy has the potential to deliver benefits beyond the funded life of the project or demonstrates a sustainable research model.
  7. Transferability – strategy has the potential to be used by practitioners or researchers working in other contexts.

The selection committee
This will be chaired by the Association’s President Elect or the Past President and at least two other people, including one of the Editors of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia. Others may be seconded on to the committee at the discretion of the Chair.

For more information on Dr Ray James and the Ray James Memorial Award, see the Australian Health Promotion Association website and an Editorial in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia.


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